Thursday, 9 April 2009

arggh sort out time!

Eever had one of those weeks when you have to spring clean the kids wardrobes?, well that the sort of week i've been having and now they look bare with all the outgrown clothes taken out!, now listing them on ebay which is a long ol' process!!! ( my ebay id is sharne69 if you wanted a look!).
Now i am also looking on ebay as they now need new clothes!!!.
At least with thier free swimming passes i'm hardly seeing my eldest two!, really i should have been doing loads of knitting but i have the spring clean bug, i am hoping it passes soon so i can get some done!.
Oh and i sold a bunny!!, yes i got a first sale!!!!, not in any of my stores but on facebook of all places and it was a naked bunny!, but still a first sale is a first sale!!
*dances round the room!!!!*
Hopefully this means i might, just might get a sale in one of my stores!!!.


  1. congrats on the sale! I'm hoping that some of the spring cleaning fever strikes me soon :)

  2. wow well done. come to my house and do my wardrobes

  3. Congratulations on your first sale, it makes all the hard work worthwhile, doesn't it? Here's to many more!

    And good luck with E-Bay - I've got quite a few bits and bobs stacked up to list and I keep putting it off because it's so long winded...