Tuesday, 28 April 2009

OMG what a couple of weeks!

Omg this has not been the greatest fortnight of my life i can tell you!, first my pc goes wrong and i cant blog, list or anything, then someone lends me a old laptop, soo old i still cant list because i cant get my photos on it! everypage took 15 mins just to load BUT dont get me wrong i am soo grateful for the lend.

So being unable to list or really do much on the web might be a good thing i thought, think of how much knitting i could get done!!! ( always a bright side lol) and that plan was going very well i had knitted 4 pairs of slippers was about to start my swap item for misi forums when my middle'un decided otherwise!!!.

That saturday started off well, loverly bright sunshine, kids off out early to play, then my mate lisa rang up and said did i fancy going round for a coffee and a chat, her kids were at the park at the end of her road and mine could join them if they wanted.

So after lunch we went round kids ran off to play and all was well for at least 4 hours, til it was time to go!

My eldest came running in, shouting ellies hurt her arm and in she walked holding her arm and crying ( now for this story you have to bear in mind that she is the one that is alway falling etc because she is fearless) i take a look and get her to move it up and down and to wiggle her fingers all of which she can do, although the arm is alittle swollen i think nothing of it thinking its just sprained so her dad makes up a sling for her and away home we go.

All though tea she is very quiet (unlike her!) so i give her some calpol and put her to bed around 9pm she comes down saying she cant sleep cos her arm hurts and her dad checks its again only to find it is more swollen, its decided she should get it checked out so her dad takes her to a&e ( on a saturday night!) and i pace the floor waiting for news ( i had to stay behind because of her sisters and i did'nt know the way to the hospital!), tried to do some knitting but just could'nt get into it! :(.

Get a phonecall at 11pm saying shes broke her wrist in 2 places!! (she does'nt do things by half does she??) and that she has to stay in overnight to be put under in the morning so they can pull it back into place! ( poor little girl!).

I wait up til her dad gets home at 2am ( he stayed til she fell asleep) then went to bed, got up early and went to the hospital with my mum and step dad early so i could be with her when she was put under, spent the whole day in hospital ( mostly pacing the floor!) and brought her home at teatime sunday!.

Has this made her more wary of things i hear you ask??, it did for the first 2 days but now no!, i had to take her to the fracture clinic on friday and when we got back i hung some washing out and turned my back on her and when i looked round she was on the trampoline!!!!! ( she will be the death of me lol!!), i had visions of rushing her back to hospital!!!, bad enough i have to go back next friday!!.

Hopefully that and most of the us suffering with colds is the end of our bad luck for awhile, so with new pc going i have listed a pair of slippers in both my folksy and misi stores soo please take pity on me and buy a pair!!, not bad price under a fiver all in!

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  1. omg what a time you've had. i thought only i had bad luck!

    love the slippers x