Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April fools day!

Woohooooooo got through today without being pranked!.

Ronnie and Reggie are now ready to be rehomed, they are in my folksy store

What a beautiful day it was today, really lifts your spirtis when the weather is soo nice does'nt it!!!.

Went down the swimming pool today as it was advertised that kids can get a pass to swim for free!, luckliy i remembered to take my purse as you had to pay for the pass ( this was'nt mentioned in the flyer given to them at school!!) still should save me money and save me having bored kids in the holidays!.

My friend Lisa suggusted i knit vibrator covers!!, as she has seen some on sale somewhere and she says they are popular?!?, i would'nt know and not sure i'd be allowed to sell them in my stores ( plus the fact what cat would i put them in? toys?? lol).

Now i get given a letter from school about buying a laptop for my child from them and where do they think i'm gonna get the money for that? so now i'm a evil mum for saying no :(.


  1. Hi Ronnie & Reggie! You two are cute!

  2. Ronnie and Reggie are sooo cute! Not so sure about the vibrator cover myself :)

  3. Mmmm.. that ebay id seems familiar - do I know you from FHG???

  4. Look - I do!!!!! LOL Small world isn't it???
    Not got time for a proper loko now but will have a read of your blog later - did you find me from Folksy then? I love that site - sales are slow to say the least but hopefully as word gets out things will get better.

    The green sling on my post is the one I made for Soapy Sam.

    Thanks for following me - I've returned the favour!