Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow snow and more snow!

Just how much white stuff can come out of the sky i ask myself!!, my kids have been off school since wednesday and they are going more then alittle stir crazy, not to mention a 3 year old that is soo upset as she was meant to start nursery at school on thursday and could'nt because of the snow!

Lets hope it goes away soon!.

As the kids have been driving me stir crazy i have kinda lost my mojo :(, although i do have some new items in my shops my latest being my knitted rings! ( i will prove my point that you can knit anything!), here they are .... The beaded flower one is in my folksy shop and the the button flower one is in my MISI shop, they keep your finger nice and warm!.

As its been soo cold outside, i have been browsing the shops on Folksy and Misi ( which i think you should do too!) and extending my faves list and i thought i would show you a couple of my all time faves.

This is Jazz and how cute is she!!!?? she is made by a very talented lady and you can find her shop here

My next fave to show you is this one, i have bought this one as a thankyou gift for my mum and had to tell her not to eat them, which my mum was really grateful for as she said they really do look good enough to eat, Handmade Fizzing Organic Chocolate Truffles Bath Melts, the very talented ladys name is thepinkfairycake and you can find her shop here, maybe you should check out thier shops (and mine!!) after all whats better then shopping from the warmth and comfort of your own home in weather like this?.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Peace for me today

As the kids were back at school today so all i had at home was my 3 year old, the peace was deafening lol.

Then i turn the tv on and hear about all this bad weather we are meant to be having!!, i really hope we dont get snow as i have a 3 year old that start nursery at school on thursday and shes been chomping at the bit all christmas to wear her school uniform so if they close the schools i'll have a very upset 3 year old, plus i have to travel up to see my dad at the weekend as we did'nt get to see him over christmas, the kids want to see if father christmas has left them any pressies there lol.

Well i managed to list my statement brooch, and a purse i have been working on, the brooch is in my folksy shop and the purse is in my MISI shop

now working on some chunky handwarmers with flowers, also thinking of jazzing up a headband with a huge flower just for me.

Still waiting on my first sale of 2010, wondering from which shop it will be from any guesses??, lots of loverly handknitted items there to keep you warm this cold weather!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Love hearts, a bag giveaway and a love cat!

Well starting on the love theme i have made 2 love heart keyrings one for the button lovers out there! ( i cant be the only button lover out there can i??).
The button lovers keyring can be found in my shop on folksy and the other love heart keyring can be found in my MISI shop
They make great gift ideas and they are fairly large hearts so you would'nt be able to miss place your keys!!.
I seem to be going alittle mad on the love theme as i have a huge ( and when i say huge i mean huge lol) heart brooch in the pipeline, i think it will make a great statement piece.
Also on the needles at the mo is my love cat, not sure how he is going to turn out but you will just have to wait and see.
Have to mention a great giveaway i have found, its the most lush bag i have seen for a long time, i've entered so why dont you!!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy new year!!

Oh my god its been ages since i blogged!, i promise i will do better this year!.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year, i had a lovely family Christmas, i think all my children were happy with what father Christmas bought them!!.

I took part in MISI's secert Santa exchange and i was very spoilt with my gift it was beautiful, useful and very well made, check out my pictures to see how lucky i have been, what you cant tell from the photo is my name has been embroidered on the big notebook!.

Well now i have found out who my santa is i can shamelessly plug their MISI shop lol.

So drum roll please!!!!!! its sewembroidernut!!!, a very talented lady and heres the link to her shop so you can all go and buy something from this lovely lady!!

I have started to work on items for the new year so please keep checking my shops to find out more, although i will be blogging about them.

Sometime this year i want to plan a give away if you have any ideas as to what you would like to see as part of my giveaway then please leave a comment.

now i must get on with some exercises to work away the christmas excess ( i start back at rosemary conley thursday!!! eeeek!!) and i must knit!