Thursday, 18 June 2009

Catch up day!

The alarm clock did'nt go off this morning so after a big rush i finally got the kids to school just about on time, i hate when that happens as i'm bulit for comfort not speed lol.

Well i was trying the granny squares again usig the crochet for dummies book and i was finding that really quite hard so i googled granysquares blankets and found this pattern and thought that i would give it ago as its looked alittle easyier and it was, the square with yellow and black was my first an yes there are mistakes but the second square blue and black was my second attempt and i'm quite proud of it!, only 22 more squares that size to do and 6 larger ones then i can join together for my first blanket! :).

I am starting a new project for my stores so keep a watch out hopefully they will be up soon!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

going bug eyed!

Spent the day going bug eyed today, trying to crochet a granny square ( i will get it right one day!).

blue square is my first attempt at dc, pink square is my second attempt!.

pink on the hook is my first attempt at a granny square ok going fairly well at this stage ( 5 mins later is a different story lol).

blue square is another attempt at a granny square but it does'nt look right to me! will it ever look right?, anyone looking at it have any ideas what i am doing wrong??.

Least the hook and yarn dont feel quite so alien in my hands now lol, suppose i thought it might easy for me to pick up considering all the years i have been knitting lol, just shows you how wrong a person can be!!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A dress thats not a dress??!!

Wierd title i know but i wanted to knit my 3 year old a dress so i searched and googled til my eyes hurt and i finally found a pattern i liked!, sizing was'nt quite right as it went 6 months, 2 years then 4 years so i thought well i'd make it in the 4 year old size.

It used stitches i was'nt used to so it took me about a week to finsh it only to find although i did it to the pattern there is no way its dress length!, unless my 3 year old is ultra tall for her age which she is'nt this can only be classed as a long top! ( unless the pattern maker wanted the knickers to be shown!). so really i'm back looking for another dress to knit!.

I have also decided to try to teach myself crochet, i've always wanted to do a granny square blanket but its soooooooooooooooo hard!.

I'm not going to give up though, i've tried to follow it on youtube but they go soo fast and even pausing it does'nt seem to help!, i'm all fingers and thumbs!. i'll post a pic when i finally get it cracked!!.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Been a busy busy week!

Blimey i have'nt known whether i was coming or going this week!, first it was my eldests 10th birthday then 2 days later i had to go see my solicter about my ex husband yet again!! ( dont think i'm ever going to be free of him ya know!).

Then i had the birthday bbq which went really well considering it was meant to rain that day but we was lucky, not very sunny but dry!.

Then yesterday it was my other halfs birthday PHEW! think i have got most of the birthdays out of the way now!.

My car had to go to the scrappys today which was really quite sad as it was the longest i had manged to keep a car without it falling apart! (4 years!).

Manged to list one pair of non slip slippers ( try saying that fast! lol) with 3 more pairs coming up, lilac listed, pink,yellow and lime coming up, they are in my etsy store so check them out! i have sold 4 pairs of slippers on etsy so far and one bunny! and a cushion cover so not bad i think!