Thursday, 18 June 2009

Catch up day!

The alarm clock did'nt go off this morning so after a big rush i finally got the kids to school just about on time, i hate when that happens as i'm bulit for comfort not speed lol.

Well i was trying the granny squares again usig the crochet for dummies book and i was finding that really quite hard so i googled granysquares blankets and found this pattern and thought that i would give it ago as its looked alittle easyier and it was, the square with yellow and black was my first an yes there are mistakes but the second square blue and black was my second attempt and i'm quite proud of it!, only 22 more squares that size to do and 6 larger ones then i can join together for my first blanket! :).

I am starting a new project for my stores so keep a watch out hopefully they will be up soon!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

going bug eyed!

Spent the day going bug eyed today, trying to crochet a granny square ( i will get it right one day!).

blue square is my first attempt at dc, pink square is my second attempt!.

pink on the hook is my first attempt at a granny square ok going fairly well at this stage ( 5 mins later is a different story lol).

blue square is another attempt at a granny square but it does'nt look right to me! will it ever look right?, anyone looking at it have any ideas what i am doing wrong??.

Least the hook and yarn dont feel quite so alien in my hands now lol, suppose i thought it might easy for me to pick up considering all the years i have been knitting lol, just shows you how wrong a person can be!!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A dress thats not a dress??!!

Wierd title i know but i wanted to knit my 3 year old a dress so i searched and googled til my eyes hurt and i finally found a pattern i liked!, sizing was'nt quite right as it went 6 months, 2 years then 4 years so i thought well i'd make it in the 4 year old size.

It used stitches i was'nt used to so it took me about a week to finsh it only to find although i did it to the pattern there is no way its dress length!, unless my 3 year old is ultra tall for her age which she is'nt this can only be classed as a long top! ( unless the pattern maker wanted the knickers to be shown!). so really i'm back looking for another dress to knit!.

I have also decided to try to teach myself crochet, i've always wanted to do a granny square blanket but its soooooooooooooooo hard!.

I'm not going to give up though, i've tried to follow it on youtube but they go soo fast and even pausing it does'nt seem to help!, i'm all fingers and thumbs!. i'll post a pic when i finally get it cracked!!.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Been a busy busy week!

Blimey i have'nt known whether i was coming or going this week!, first it was my eldests 10th birthday then 2 days later i had to go see my solicter about my ex husband yet again!! ( dont think i'm ever going to be free of him ya know!).

Then i had the birthday bbq which went really well considering it was meant to rain that day but we was lucky, not very sunny but dry!.

Then yesterday it was my other halfs birthday PHEW! think i have got most of the birthdays out of the way now!.

My car had to go to the scrappys today which was really quite sad as it was the longest i had manged to keep a car without it falling apart! (4 years!).

Manged to list one pair of non slip slippers ( try saying that fast! lol) with 3 more pairs coming up, lilac listed, pink,yellow and lime coming up, they are in my etsy store so check them out! i have sold 4 pairs of slippers on etsy so far and one bunny! and a cushion cover so not bad i think!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I'm soooo sorry!!

I am soo sorry for taking this long to blog!, i will make sure i keep up with everything from now on or at least i'll try lol.
I hit a bit of a black patch where depression got the better of me and i could'nt even knit!!! gasp!! "shock horror", but never fear i am back.
I've now had 3 sales on etsy! yayyyyyyyy!!!!!, i do have a promotion on there its a gift with every purchase and free shipping with 2 or more items! but please dont forget my folksy or misi store either!, just click the tags on the left!.
I have just ordered some business cards hopefully they will get here soon so i can spread the sharnemainiaknits word lol.
Found a great giveaway here i'd love to win her plushies are soo darn cute!.
Well thats the good stuff out of the way, my poor car is very sick terminal my other half thinks so a new one is needed! ( can you buy cars with buttons these days??), got a 10 year olds bbq to sort out in less then 2 weeks trying to knit purses to pop in the party bags 4 down 11 to go!! i just know i'm gonna live to regret this lol.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

OMG! OMG!!!!

OMG!! wow speechless!!, sorry but i've just sold my first item from folksy!!! * does a little dance round the room*, it was for 3 prem baby hats and wow i'm grinning from ear to ear!.
So far its been a good week as i have also sold a bunny through facebook!, mind you i had all but given up on folksy! shame on me lol..
Thats 3 sales to non family members!!! woohoooooooooooooooooooooo!!. thats the kick i needed!, hopefully more on the way!.
A good end to a day which saw me waiting to have a blood test for nearly 2 hours, getting soaking wet getting the kids from school!!.
So far this week is turning out well, cant wait to see what tomorrow brings now!

Monday, 11 May 2009

mmmmmmm great weekend!

Morning all!, hope you all had a good weekend, i had a great one!, what alot of sunshine we had it was loverly.
Went to 3 carboot sales on sunday, i love a good rummage!!, took along loads of my business cards and slipped them into the books people was selling so hopefully people that bought them might check out my shops!.
Found a good bargin 800g of arran yarn for £1!!!!, already got ideas what to do with it!.
Middle'uns cast on her arm is going soft in places!, not sure if its meant to do this??, she is supposed to have it off in a week so i'm going to take her to the docs this morning to get it checked out and knowing my luck it will mean a trip to the hospital and loads of waiting about :(.
Keep an eye on my misi and esty stores as more items will be added over the coming couple of weeks!.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Why oh Why???

Do i keep waking up at stupid o'clock??? last few mornings it has been at 5am then this morning it was 3.40am!!!!!.
The bags underneath my eyes are getting bad now lol.
Well i've sold another pair of my slippers (thanks mum!), now just need to make a sale to someone that is'nt family and i'll be happy!!.
been busy with my rainbow shale wrap, making a monster and another pair of slippers!, i've got loads on the go, well i do have 3 shops to stock now. hope i have'nt bitten off more then i can chew.
Mind you having no sales means the shops look fuller lol.
Has'nt the weather today been loverly!!, i've done all my washing ( 3 loads) and sat out to do some knitting.
Not looking forward to tomorrow as middle'un has a friend coming round for tea and she is as accident prone as my middle'un!, i'm gonna have to have eyes in the back of my head lol.
Worked out if i send my slippers in tissue paper and a envelope postage works out at about 61p, wheres if i send it in a mailing sack wrapped in tissue paper it costs me £1.28, which would you say looks better? ( bearing in mind i offer free uk postage?).

Monday, 4 May 2009

New shop!

Yesterday was a bad day confidence wise! :(, a firm kick up the bum was needed!!.
So i decided that i needed to put myself out there alot more, so i have opened a esty shop , now i just need to get knitting to fill it and my other shops.
If anyone else is on esty would they please heart my shop and i'll do the same for them! as i think this ranks the listings higher ( i could be wrong! lol).
Icant seem to find my listings at the moment but that could be because its been less then 24 hours since i listed them.
So need to get some knitting done today but i woke up this morning feeling under the weather :(, loads of coughing and sweating! (nice huh!!!) and the beginnings of a cold!.
Whats the bets my partner will want to do the whole bank holiday outing today?? just when i feel like crap!!! always the way lol.
Working on my rainbow shale wrap at the moment and even if i do say so myself i'm loving it!!!, would keep it for myself only i never go to places that would be worthy of wearing it!, wearing it to tescos or to my little'uns playgroup really would'nt do it justice!.
Also finshed off another pair of slippers yesterday in bright yellow, sunshine for your feet!.
Hope you all enjoy your bank holiday off xxxxx

Friday, 1 May 2009

pinch punch first of the month!!

Wow! may already!!!!, this year is just flying past!!!, i have an exciting day of sitting in the fracture clinic with my little one today! oh the joy, but i do feel for her look at the size of the cast!!!.

Well i made my first misi sale!!!, ok it was to my sister but a sale is a sale right??!!! lol.

It was the pocket slippers in blue which is the pair i really liked lol. I loved the feedback she gave me, made me laugh early this morning lol.

I have put a loverly girly pink pair of slippers up in the blue ones place so if you want to check them out, just click the misi tag or click here

in fact you'd be doing me a huge favour if you could take a look at my stores and let me know what you think?, be honest i can take it! ( tissues at the ready!).

Decided yesterday my dishcloths were looking worse for wear ( oh boy dont i lead an exciting life!!!) so decided to buy some more craft cotton to knit some new ones, now my last ones were about 3 years old and at that time craft cotton was around 99p a ball, so i was shocked to see in the only yarn shop in town it was now £2.20 a ball!!!, looked on the yarn stall on the market and they had it for £1.80 so alittle cheaper ( blimey i'm sounding like a right skinflint are'nt i!!??), i do prefer to knit my own as then i can get them to the size i want and they last and last and believe me in this house they take some battering!, i know i made my sister some and her boyfriend cleans his work and football boots with them and she says they wash up like new.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

OMG what a couple of weeks!

Omg this has not been the greatest fortnight of my life i can tell you!, first my pc goes wrong and i cant blog, list or anything, then someone lends me a old laptop, soo old i still cant list because i cant get my photos on it! everypage took 15 mins just to load BUT dont get me wrong i am soo grateful for the lend.

So being unable to list or really do much on the web might be a good thing i thought, think of how much knitting i could get done!!! ( always a bright side lol) and that plan was going very well i had knitted 4 pairs of slippers was about to start my swap item for misi forums when my middle'un decided otherwise!!!.

That saturday started off well, loverly bright sunshine, kids off out early to play, then my mate lisa rang up and said did i fancy going round for a coffee and a chat, her kids were at the park at the end of her road and mine could join them if they wanted.

So after lunch we went round kids ran off to play and all was well for at least 4 hours, til it was time to go!

My eldest came running in, shouting ellies hurt her arm and in she walked holding her arm and crying ( now for this story you have to bear in mind that she is the one that is alway falling etc because she is fearless) i take a look and get her to move it up and down and to wiggle her fingers all of which she can do, although the arm is alittle swollen i think nothing of it thinking its just sprained so her dad makes up a sling for her and away home we go.

All though tea she is very quiet (unlike her!) so i give her some calpol and put her to bed around 9pm she comes down saying she cant sleep cos her arm hurts and her dad checks its again only to find it is more swollen, its decided she should get it checked out so her dad takes her to a&e ( on a saturday night!) and i pace the floor waiting for news ( i had to stay behind because of her sisters and i did'nt know the way to the hospital!), tried to do some knitting but just could'nt get into it! :(.

Get a phonecall at 11pm saying shes broke her wrist in 2 places!! (she does'nt do things by half does she??) and that she has to stay in overnight to be put under in the morning so they can pull it back into place! ( poor little girl!).

I wait up til her dad gets home at 2am ( he stayed til she fell asleep) then went to bed, got up early and went to the hospital with my mum and step dad early so i could be with her when she was put under, spent the whole day in hospital ( mostly pacing the floor!) and brought her home at teatime sunday!.

Has this made her more wary of things i hear you ask??, it did for the first 2 days but now no!, i had to take her to the fracture clinic on friday and when we got back i hung some washing out and turned my back on her and when i looked round she was on the trampoline!!!!! ( she will be the death of me lol!!), i had visions of rushing her back to hospital!!!, bad enough i have to go back next friday!!.

Hopefully that and most of the us suffering with colds is the end of our bad luck for awhile, so with new pc going i have listed a pair of slippers in both my folksy and misi stores soo please take pity on me and buy a pair!!, not bad price under a fiver all in!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

arggh sort out time!

Eever had one of those weeks when you have to spring clean the kids wardrobes?, well that the sort of week i've been having and now they look bare with all the outgrown clothes taken out!, now listing them on ebay which is a long ol' process!!! ( my ebay id is sharne69 if you wanted a look!).
Now i am also looking on ebay as they now need new clothes!!!.
At least with thier free swimming passes i'm hardly seeing my eldest two!, really i should have been doing loads of knitting but i have the spring clean bug, i am hoping it passes soon so i can get some done!.
Oh and i sold a bunny!!, yes i got a first sale!!!!, not in any of my stores but on facebook of all places and it was a naked bunny!, but still a first sale is a first sale!!
*dances round the room!!!!*
Hopefully this means i might, just might get a sale in one of my stores!!!.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April fools day!

Woohooooooo got through today without being pranked!.

Ronnie and Reggie are now ready to be rehomed, they are in my folksy store

What a beautiful day it was today, really lifts your spirtis when the weather is soo nice does'nt it!!!.

Went down the swimming pool today as it was advertised that kids can get a pass to swim for free!, luckliy i remembered to take my purse as you had to pay for the pass ( this was'nt mentioned in the flyer given to them at school!!) still should save me money and save me having bored kids in the holidays!.

My friend Lisa suggusted i knit vibrator covers!!, as she has seen some on sale somewhere and she says they are popular?!?, i would'nt know and not sure i'd be allowed to sell them in my stores ( plus the fact what cat would i put them in? toys?? lol).

Now i get given a letter from school about buying a laptop for my child from them and where do they think i'm gonna get the money for that? so now i'm a evil mum for saying no :(.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

March 29th 2009

I hope you all remembered to put your clocks forward, an hour lost in bed! boo hoo! i think that it will hit me tommorrow when i get up at 6.30am, still it will take alittle getting used then the clocks will go back!.
Well the weather was kind to us today and we all went to the park for the afternoon which meant no knitting done but lots of fun to be had!.
My friend came with her 2 girls and we spent the afternoon having a natter and putting the world to rights, i think come the easter holidays we may be doing that quite abit! ( fingers crossed the weather will be good!).
I dont know where my misi tag has gone but if you click the empty box it will still take you to my store, Roxy still needs a home!.

Friday, 27 March 2009

March 27th 2009

Help, Roxy the rabbit needs a new home and someone to love her, she likes snuggling, carrots and hide and seek.

Maybe you could be that lucky person to take her on?, she is housetrained, BUT remember a rabbit is for life not just for easter!!.

Here is where you find out how to adopt Roxy......

Had a good day today, took my little'un shopping which normally is a cause for much stress but my sister brought her a little shopping trolley for her birthday so now she brings that and is quite happy pushing it around the shop, we put small things in for her and she has her handbag, looks like a right grown up i can tell you!

Still no phonecall from the council about my refund, well i did say not to hold your breath!, now if i owed them this money i'm sure i would be hearing from them days ago!.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

March 25th 2009

Well feeling very sorry for myself at the moment:(, had to visit the dreaded dentist for 2 fillings!, really though i should'nt call him the dreaded dentitst because he is very nice and the fillings did'nt hurt ( i was a big brave girl, no injections!).
Just after the last dentist and the muck up he made of my teeth i am a little wary of dentists on the whole!.
Well still no sales, maybe i'm watching my items too carefully ( watched kettle and all that!), but the chocolate cake has had 30 views so far!!!.
Still have'nt started the teddy bear yet as i decided to knit a little bunny first, shame on me thinking of my stores before my neices birthday! ( well i have a few days so i can still do it, it will just mean a few late nights!), i suppose i am putting it off as my sister seems to have forgotton her youngest neice's birthday which was the 11th of march!, she remembered the one after on the 12th!, but whatever happens i am not like her and will remember, bleary eyed or not lol.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

March 24th 2009

The chocolate cake has landed!!, in my folksy store right now FREE UK POSTAGE TIL THE 14TH APRIL!.

Had a rather busy day today, managed to remember to send off my nieces birthday present and my sisters card (phew finally!).

Went with my youngest to her stay and play afternoon ( great 2 hours of screaming 3 year olds!!).

So imagine my relief when i finally get to sit down to do some knitting, when it suddenly occurs to me that the teddy bear does'nt work in chunky!, so nearly 2 days wasted :( but undettered i went out and brought some more yarn and now going to start all over!.

Still at least its taking my mind off the fact that i have to have 2 fillings tommorrow! ( and i hate the dentisit!!!!).

Still waiting for my council tax refund, i'm sure they would'nt wait this long to try and get the money off me if i owed them!, really its money we never knew we would have but i'm hoping to treat myself to the tattoo i have wanted for ages and it would be a birthday pressie to myself!.

So i took the bull by the horns and rang them up to ask them when i should be getting it, and lo and behold i could'nt speak to anyone from council tax as they had gone home! (and yet the council tax letter states they are open til 6pm!) but they would leave a note on my file for them to call me back as they cant see a refund due on my file!!.

Well it does'nt take alot of working out that i'm due one as the council tax went up this year yet the weekly rate they want is £5.50 a week less then i was paying last year, plus the letter from them stating the fact i am due one helps too!.

Lets see how long it takes to get it!, its been 2 weeks since the letter so i would'nt hold your breathe!.

Monday, 23 March 2009

March 23rd 2009

Well i hope mothers day went well for everyone, and you all got pampered in someway, mine went very well although it was tinged with sadness at the thought of Jade Goody's children having lost thier mum.
Why is it though when the kids buy you a box of chocolates for mothers day they want to eat all of them! lol.
I had a loverly roast chicken dinner cooked for me and double chocolate cake for afters and no washing up for me!!! aint i lucky!.
The only downer to the day was my 8 year old getting punched and pinched by the girl over the road!, she came in really upset as this girl was meant to be one of her best friends although this girl has been banned from our garden as she has twice punched my 3 year old when she would'nt do what she wanted her to do!!!.

Managed to finsh my chocolate cake ( knitted of cause!) and soon that will be put in one of my stores, i'm going to offer free postage on it until easter but it would be good as a birthday cake as well.
Found a bunny pattern to make for my niece but then it was decided a bear would be better but the only yarn i have is chunky so trying it out in that ( was meant to be dk yarn), its turning out quite big but will be good to cuddle in bed!, in fact i might want to keep it for myself!.

FREE uk postage on all my items in my folksy store until 14th april!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

March 21st 2009

Golly gosh (never used them words before lol), another beautiful day! well if i overlook the fact that i was awake at 4am due to me sneezing alot!, still even that had its bright side as i managed to get 2 whole hours of knitting done before the 3 year old terror woke up lol..Decided (why i'll never know as its soo unlike me!) that today would be a great day for a spring clean, so while the kids where in the garden helping dad clear it, i went from top to bottom in my house (nipping out to enjoy the sun now and then!).

Finally finshed at 3pm which was lucky as 20 mins after that my sister popped round with easter eggs for the kids, thought this was quite strange as easter is quite a way off but the reason became clear about half and hour after she got here.

The kids were showing her thier knitting when she suddenly pipped up "sharne i want to knit!", bearing in mind i have'nt seen her knit since our nan taught us all them years ago!.

She asked if i had many knitting needles! ( yes just by that statement you can tell she is'nt a knitter lol), so i choose her some chunky wool and needles as i thought this might be easier for her to start with.

Away she went, she did'nt need any help really just doing garter stitch, it seemed to just flood back to her but i had to cast on for her, did try to teach her but i'm not sure i am the best teacher lol.

by the time she left here she had done 2 whole rows!.

So the sister that used to call me an old lady for knitting is now a knitter herself! my nan would be soo pleased!.

Another good thing to happen to me this morning was that my loverly necklace i won came in the post! and i'm now proudly wearing it, its even better then the photo!

Friday, 20 March 2009

March 20th 2009

Oh what a beautiful morninggggggggggggggggg oh what a beautiful dayy!.
Errmmm i think thats enough singing ( well you know when its enough when the dog starts to howl along with you lol.
Dont know why i'm soo happy today cos all i have done all day is food shop, pay bills and housework, no crafting boo hoo!.
Well i took the plunge and listed my alsort keyring in my folksy store ( click the tag on the left!), soon the store is gonna be filled up as no one is buying!, mind alot over there are now starting to get sales so hopefully the buying fairy will come my way soon!.
Oh gosh i could have spent a fortune today, browsing some shops and finding loads i could craft with, i have stored most of it away in my head on my to do list which is growing at a mad rate lol.
Both children back at school so only had a mad 3 year old to contend with lol, me thinks this maybe the reason i've been soo happy today lol.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

March 19th 2009

Well managed to get one child to school today, still dont think she is right but she hates to miss school well she would love to miss school if i let her out to play but she says its boring being ill so off she went!.
Went into her school at lunchtime for a mothers day meal which was nice but blimey aint them tables small lol, perched i was on them small chairs lol.
Came home to a ill 9 year old who if i did'nt know any better i would swear was male and had man flu! lol, also to a mad 3 year old racing around coughing and spluttering! bless!.
So yet another day without crafting, gonna have to fit some in before bed i think!.
Noticing that my items on folksy are having more views now :), now if i could get a sale before mothers day that would make my month!, but at least people are looking ( and hopefully not saying omg how crap is that!). Think maybe its because folksy has speeded up now, meaning its easier to look at items!.
I have a huge parcel in my hallway for one of the neighbours been sitting there all day and its now 6pm now if that was me i'd be hot footing it round to get it as i love getting parcels lol, would love to know what it is ( yeah i know i'm ultra nosey lol).

March 18th 2009

Howdy all!.

I have woke up with a stinking cold and sore throat, but what a beautiful day!, bright sunshine, warm great i thought a day in the garden will do me the world of good, throw some knitting in and i will be in heaven!.

So off i went to the butchers popped in the my lys then came home sorted out some washing then sat down in the garden "ring ring " went the phone.

It was my middle'un's school she was'nt very well could i pick her up!, so went and got her, she was suffering with a headache and felt sick, so put her to bed and settled back in the garden!.

Got halfway through knitting my alsorts keyring when the phone rang again!, this time it was my eldests school, she also was'nt well can i pick her up!.

So what with all my three children ill there was no more sitting in the garden for me, nurse mummy to the rescue!.

Managed to finsh the keyring by the time i got them into bed, let me know what you think!, whether its worth listing or not.

Having a self esteem issues here or rather a lack of one lol, will feel better when i sell something!, proof someone likes my work lol. I'm sure i'm not the only one to feel like this at times!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

March 17th 2009

Wow these last few days have just flown by!!!.

What loverly weather we are having at the moment, its been loverly to be able to sit out in the garden and knit feeling the sun on my face, long may it continue!!.

Well what a great day i am having today, 2 new items listed one on misi and one on folksy.

Remember to click the tags on the left to check them out!

Not only that i log into my misi account to find a message that i have won a prize from, take a look at my beautiful necklace!, i mean wow its lush and i'm soo looking forward to that coming in the post.

I would like to say to all the fellas out there please dont forget its mother's day on sunday, heres hoping my partner does'nt forget and i get a nice card off the kids.

I swear i am going senile lol, i decided to make some cake today, ones i have made loads of times before but only when i put them in to cook i realise i had put too much of one thing in and not enough of another!, result??? crumbly cakes!!! still at least the kids will still eat them lol

Friday, 13 March 2009

March 13th 2009

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! lol.
well the last 2 days have gone in a whirl of childrens birthdays, wrapping paper and birthday cake!.
I have listed 2 more items in my misi store and one in my folksy store, please check them out!, click the tags on the left hand of your screen and they will take you stright there!.

I seem to be getting my mojo back this week and want to crack on with my pieces, i really need to fill up my stores and i'm now looking into getting a website up and running but as i'm not tech minded, i think i will need alot of help.

I got a loverly card off my best mate lisa with such nice wording that i welled up ( yeah i know must be my age lol), i just want her to know that i feel very lucky to have such a good friend like her.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

March 10th 2009

Well today has gone in a blur!.
trying to get ready for my youngests 3rd birthday tommorrow and i still have to blow up ballons and put up the banners but at least the presents are wrapped!!!.
My dad came round tonight right when i was dishing up tea! still the kids loved to see him and sue.
i have 3 cards already for my birthday on friday! and there was me thinking everyone had forgotton about me!, still my hints on the wii fit have fallen on deaf ears and looking at myself i really need it lol! ( well anyone that knows me could tell you that!).
Still its not friday yet but had a card off my mum and small present, a card off my dad and a card and small present off my nan, no wii fit there lol.
Started on a little evening bag with flowers today but have'nt got very far due to me rushing around :(.

Monday, 9 March 2009

March 9th 2009

Well had quite a productive day today!,
found some loverly yarn, a mixture of pinks and knitted up another ds/mobile phone case :).
Not sure whereabouts i'm going to put it but i'm sure i'll let you know!.

Not sure if i have mentioned this before lol but i do have a store on folksy and now on misi, click either of the tags and they will take you right to them :).

A week of birthdays coming up now!, my youngest on wednesday and my middle one's on thursday! and of cause mine on friday, oh i can feel old age creeping up on me lol.
Shreddie cushion cover is coming along nicely but it is slow going hence the reason for me to do little bits in between, as i really need to stock up on my shops (hopefully have a sale soon!).
Please feel free to leave a comment on the items in my stores, would be good to have some feedback!.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

March 8th 2009

Had a lazy sunday,
caught up with some washing, made a loverly roast pork dinner.
decided to put some of the items i have on folksy on Misi just got to hope i dont sell 2 of them! as they are kinda one off pieces but as i did'nt seem to be getting any sales i decided to try my luck in 2 places at once.
fingers crossed i get a sale soon!

Shreddie cushion cover is coming along nicely, just gotta decide how to make it stand out and be tactile, was thinking i cords or crochet something along them lines, think i will have to just give them both a try and see what i like the most!.
Cant believe its nearly my youngest 3rd birthday! time just seems to have flown by! then its my middle childs 8 the birthday the next day!, then mine the day after gosh i'm gonna feel old!.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

March 7th 2009

Well was hoping for a lay in this morning but my 2 year old had other thoughts lol, is'nt that always the way!.
My eldest had the bright idea of making some cookies (shes 9) so her and the 2 year old got stuck in, so when i finally managed to get my kitchen back to looking like a kitchen and did some washing most of the day was gone so not alot of time to work on my cushion cover :(.
hopefully tommorrow should be better!.
At least i think i am doing it the way i want it to be!.
Still the cookies are nice and i cant see them lasting very long!.
At least the sun has been shining today and i got some washing dried so thats a plus point!.

Friday, 6 March 2009

March 6th 2009

Today has been differcult,
i have started my shreddies cushion cover 3 times so far as i was'nt happy with it!.
mind you at least i should get some peace tonight as my mum has taken my middle child for the night and she is the most loud lol.

Also realised its not long til my niece's birthday (3rd april) and i wanted to knit her a kimono and i have'nt even got the yarn yet!, i forsee alot of late nights for me!.
My partner has been diagnosed with asthma a couple of days ago and has asked me if i could knit him an inhaler cover with a belt loop!.
Has anyone made one of these before?.
I am now on twitter! for anyone who would like to see what i ramble on about all day lol.
Still waiting for my first sale on folksy, hopefully someone will make my day soon!, i am not giving up though, 2009 is gonna be the year i just know it!.
This year i'm going to try new things and make pieces i want to make (my own designs!) and so far i seem to be doing ok!.
Remember click the folksy tag on the left and it will take you stright through to my shop!.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

March 5th 2009

Happy birthday to my brother 22 today!!.
Had a good day today, met my friend lisa for coffee it was great to catch up and have a gossip!.
Finally finshed the Ds case, it ended up with a fringe which for some reason reminds me of my uncles tash!.
Please let me know what you think!

Ihave started on my shreddies cushion, have no idea where this is going to take me!.
ideas are just whirling around my head at the moment, hopefully it will turn out looking like a shreddie or at least somewhere close!.
8 days now til i'm 34! hopefully i will have finshed the shreddies cushion by then but then will it make me a nanna if i knit a shreddie? lol, gawd i hope not.
I'm now on twitter if you want to follow me on there, i am still finding my way but this week i have had my eyes opened to many things eg blogging and twittering lol, all thanks to the loverly people on folksy!, dont know if i have mentioned it before but i have a shop on there lol, just click the tag and it will take you stright there.

But if my items dont interest you bet ya bottom dollar you will find something on there you will like!!!, i've found loads just gotta drop mega hints for my birthday lol.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

March 4th 2009

Not a great day, it was 'D' day, yes thats right today i had to go to the dentist!!.
I'm terrifed of the dentist although i suppose i should be grateful as its only taken me 12 months to find one for the whole family.
Lets just say the last dentist i saw my mum nicknamed the butcher!!! and she has been proven right really as i have to have the 2 fillings he gave me redone!.
Think even so thats not bad considering i have'nt been near a dentist for myself for nearly 3 years!.
Still he was very nice and friendly, the kids were fine ( and so they should be!) but my poor partner has to have 6 fillings redone ( yes he had the butcher too!).
The ds case is coming along if not abit slow, the handle is on but i'm now unsure whether i am going to do the fringe effect or just have one tassel.
I had a strange request from one of my childrens friends at school, as she had told them i knit they asked me if i could knit them a shreddie!.
Which got me thinking if it could be possible to do a huge one as a cushion cover ( bet you cant guess what i'm into at the moment!).
I'm thinking that prehaps it could be done and i might give that ago if i can find the right kind of yarn needed.
I'm sure if i can do it then i'll make 2 and put one up on folksy in my shop ( have you checked my shop out yet??, click on the folksy tag and it will take you right there!), sorry shameless plug there but i'm dying for my first sale and just might dance around the front room when it happens!.
I know also have a facebook page please feel free to take alook, would love some feedback on my pieces.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

March 3rd 2009

Well here goes for my 2nd posting.

Finally finshed my cushion cover with the pocket at the back for a remote control or a crafty bar of chocolate!.
Now up for sale on folksy, click on the folksy tag on the left and it will take you stright to my shop!
Its funny how some ideas can come to you right out of the blue, at the moment i am knitting a nintendo ds case which could be used for a iphone or ipod etc, and even if i have a design in mind as i am knitting i am constantly changing my mind.
One change of mind came to me last night as i went to my middle childs parents evening, as i was waiting to go in i was blowing my fringe out of my eyes and thinking i needed to go and get it cut when it came to me that the ds case would look good with a fringe!!!, so a fringe so to speak it will have!.
I'm also toying with the idea of a strap but i'll wait and see how the piece evolves.
Well i'm pleased to say the parents evening went very well apart from her lack of concenration, both her teacher and i think she could do really well if she would just stop chatting!.
When she puts her mind to it she does really well after all she taught herself to knit just by watching me, i did'nt even have to show her!. although she does still make mistakes after all its been less then a week since she picked up her own set of needles.
Her elder sister has also taken up knitting and is struggling alittle bit more but is sticking with it and i'm sure both will go on to be knitters for life!.

Monday, 2 March 2009

March 2nd 2009

Well wow my first post, does this mean i have popped my blog cherry i wonder?.
Unsure of where to start but here goes, i'll say sorry in advance if i ramble ( as i tend to do this!).

I was introduced to the world of knitting by my wonderful nan (r.i.p) who was a very clever lady, she taught me and my 2 sisters but she taught one of us to cast on, another to cast off, another to purl, this way she figured we might get along with each other.
I remember being in awe of how fast she could knit all while chatting or watching tv, plus i figured out pretty fast she used to keep some sweets in her knitting bag.
I remember my first piece, i think it was meant to be a scarf, well it was a wavey holey scarf anyway.
i used to love her sense of humour as she taught us to knit willy warmers!!

I came back to knitting in a big way when i was trying for my first child, now fast forward to my third and i was following patterns thinking if i did this or if i did that then it would be better , so me starting to make up my own designs was born!.
some are simple, some are not, but all are made to be tactile eg i design alot of cushion covers and i love them to be soft and cuddly.
My partner thinks i'm mad when i'm choosing a new yarn as i cuddle it, stroke it etc.
At the moment i am knitting a cushion cover in green and black with a checker stripe on the front, stocking stitch back with a pocket you could put the tv remote in or a crafty bar of chocolate!.
Now i have started designing my own knits i have ideas all the time, i now have to take a notebook out with me whereever i go as sometimes the smallest thing gives me an idea, now i just need to live to 100 years old to do them all!.