Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I'm soooo sorry!!

I am soo sorry for taking this long to blog!, i will make sure i keep up with everything from now on or at least i'll try lol.
I hit a bit of a black patch where depression got the better of me and i could'nt even knit!!! gasp!! "shock horror", but never fear i am back.
I've now had 3 sales on etsy! yayyyyyyyy!!!!!, i do have a promotion on there its a gift with every purchase and free shipping with 2 or more items! www.Sharnemainiaknits.etsy.com but please dont forget my folksy or misi store either!, just click the tags on the left!.
I have just ordered some business cards hopefully they will get here soon so i can spread the sharnemainiaknits word lol.
Found a great giveaway here http://www.threefive18.blogspot.com/ i'd love to win her plushies are soo darn cute!.
Well thats the good stuff out of the way, my poor car is very sick terminal my other half thinks so a new one is needed! ( can you buy cars with buttons these days??), got a 10 year olds bbq to sort out in less then 2 weeks trying to knit purses to pop in the party bags 4 down 11 to go!! i just know i'm gonna live to regret this lol.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

OMG! OMG!!!!

OMG!! wow speechless!!, sorry but i've just sold my first item from folksy!!! * does a little dance round the room*, it was for 3 prem baby hats and wow i'm grinning from ear to ear!.
So far its been a good week as i have also sold a bunny through facebook!, mind you i had all but given up on folksy! shame on me lol..
Thats 3 sales to non family members!!! woohoooooooooooooooooooooo!!. thats the kick i needed!, hopefully more on the way!.
A good end to a day which saw me waiting to have a blood test for nearly 2 hours, getting soaking wet getting the kids from school!!.
So far this week is turning out well, cant wait to see what tomorrow brings now!

Monday, 11 May 2009

mmmmmmm great weekend!

Morning all!, hope you all had a good weekend, i had a great one!, what alot of sunshine we had it was loverly.
Went to 3 carboot sales on sunday, i love a good rummage!!, took along loads of my business cards and slipped them into the books people was selling so hopefully people that bought them might check out my shops!.
Found a good bargin 800g of arran yarn for £1!!!!, already got ideas what to do with it!.
Middle'uns cast on her arm is going soft in places!, not sure if its meant to do this??, she is supposed to have it off in a week so i'm going to take her to the docs this morning to get it checked out and knowing my luck it will mean a trip to the hospital and loads of waiting about :(.
Keep an eye on my misi and esty stores as more items will be added over the coming couple of weeks!.
www.Sharnemainiaknits.etsy.com www.sharnemainiaknits.misi.co.uk

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Why oh Why???

Do i keep waking up at stupid o'clock??? last few mornings it has been at 5am then this morning it was 3.40am!!!!!.
The bags underneath my eyes are getting bad now lol.
Well i've sold another pair of my slippers (thanks mum!), now just need to make a sale to someone that is'nt family and i'll be happy!!.
been busy with my rainbow shale wrap, making a monster and another pair of slippers!, i've got loads on the go, well i do have 3 shops to stock now. hope i have'nt bitten off more then i can chew.
Mind you having no sales means the shops look fuller lol.
Has'nt the weather today been loverly!!, i've done all my washing ( 3 loads) and sat out to do some knitting.
Not looking forward to tomorrow as middle'un has a friend coming round for tea and she is as accident prone as my middle'un!, i'm gonna have to have eyes in the back of my head lol.
Worked out if i send my slippers in tissue paper and a envelope postage works out at about 61p, wheres if i send it in a mailing sack wrapped in tissue paper it costs me £1.28, which would you say looks better? ( bearing in mind i offer free uk postage?).

Monday, 4 May 2009

New shop!

Yesterday was a bad day confidence wise! :(, a firm kick up the bum was needed!!.
So i decided that i needed to put myself out there alot more, so i have opened a esty shop www.Sharnemainiaknits.etsy.com , now i just need to get knitting to fill it and my other shops.
If anyone else is on esty would they please heart my shop and i'll do the same for them! as i think this ranks the listings higher ( i could be wrong! lol).
Icant seem to find my listings at the moment but that could be because its been less then 24 hours since i listed them.
So need to get some knitting done today but i woke up this morning feeling under the weather :(, loads of coughing and sweating! (nice huh!!!) and the beginnings of a cold!.
Whats the bets my partner will want to do the whole bank holiday outing today?? just when i feel like crap!!! always the way lol.
Working on my rainbow shale wrap at the moment and even if i do say so myself i'm loving it!!!, would keep it for myself only i never go to places that would be worthy of wearing it!, wearing it to tescos or to my little'uns playgroup really would'nt do it justice!.
Also finshed off another pair of slippers yesterday in bright yellow, sunshine for your feet!.
Hope you all enjoy your bank holiday off xxxxx

Friday, 1 May 2009

pinch punch first of the month!!

Wow! may already!!!!, this year is just flying past!!!, i have an exciting day of sitting in the fracture clinic with my little one today! oh the joy, but i do feel for her look at the size of the cast!!!.

Well i made my first misi sale!!!, ok it was to my sister but a sale is a sale right??!!! lol.

It was the pocket slippers in blue which is the pair i really liked lol. I loved the feedback she gave me, made me laugh early this morning lol.

I have put a loverly girly pink pair of slippers up in the blue ones place so if you want to check them out, just click the misi tag or click here http://www.misi.co.uk/gifts/11961/Pocket_slippers.html

in fact you'd be doing me a huge favour if you could take a look at my stores and let me know what you think?, be honest i can take it! ( tissues at the ready!).

Decided yesterday my dishcloths were looking worse for wear ( oh boy dont i lead an exciting life!!!) so decided to buy some more craft cotton to knit some new ones, now my last ones were about 3 years old and at that time craft cotton was around 99p a ball, so i was shocked to see in the only yarn shop in town it was now £2.20 a ball!!!, looked on the yarn stall on the market and they had it for £1.80 so alittle cheaper ( blimey i'm sounding like a right skinflint are'nt i!!??), i do prefer to knit my own as then i can get them to the size i want and they last and last and believe me in this house they take some battering!, i know i made my sister some and her boyfriend cleans his work and football boots with them and she says they wash up like new.