Wednesday, 17 June 2009

going bug eyed!

Spent the day going bug eyed today, trying to crochet a granny square ( i will get it right one day!).

blue square is my first attempt at dc, pink square is my second attempt!.

pink on the hook is my first attempt at a granny square ok going fairly well at this stage ( 5 mins later is a different story lol).

blue square is another attempt at a granny square but it does'nt look right to me! will it ever look right?, anyone looking at it have any ideas what i am doing wrong??.

Least the hook and yarn dont feel quite so alien in my hands now lol, suppose i thought it might easy for me to pick up considering all the years i have been knitting lol, just shows you how wrong a person can be!!!


  1. oh your doing better than me!

  2. Hi Sharne, I'm like you only the other way round, it's knitting I have the problems with!!

    I'm not sure but in the square samples it looks like you may have done too long a turning chain at the end of some of the rows.

    I have just taken up my crochet hook again after a long absence and have borrowed a few books to help me revise, lol! Unfortunately they're at work and I won't be back there till Monday and I can't remember the authors or titles (duh!) but I do know one of them is absolutely *brilliant* for diagrams and instructions, so I'll convo you next week with the details.

  3. have a look at this guy, i used his videos to teach myself how to crochet, i had tried years ago but gave up, he goes through everything step by step, different stitches, squares etc.

  4. I've tagged you on my blog, hope thats OK!!