Thursday, 18 June 2009

Catch up day!

The alarm clock did'nt go off this morning so after a big rush i finally got the kids to school just about on time, i hate when that happens as i'm bulit for comfort not speed lol.

Well i was trying the granny squares again usig the crochet for dummies book and i was finding that really quite hard so i googled granysquares blankets and found this pattern and thought that i would give it ago as its looked alittle easyier and it was, the square with yellow and black was my first an yes there are mistakes but the second square blue and black was my second attempt and i'm quite proud of it!, only 22 more squares that size to do and 6 larger ones then i can join together for my first blanket! :).

I am starting a new project for my stores so keep a watch out hopefully they will be up soon!


  1. you're getting the hang of it! Since my adventure with crochet wire jewellery began I have bought some wool too and a crochet book and I'm going to have a go at some squares too!

  2. check out the link i posted soo much easier then the book i've got!