Sunday, 3 January 2010

Love hearts, a bag giveaway and a love cat!

Well starting on the love theme i have made 2 love heart keyrings one for the button lovers out there! ( i cant be the only button lover out there can i??).
The button lovers keyring can be found in my shop on folksy and the other love heart keyring can be found in my MISI shop
They make great gift ideas and they are fairly large hearts so you would'nt be able to miss place your keys!!.
I seem to be going alittle mad on the love theme as i have a huge ( and when i say huge i mean huge lol) heart brooch in the pipeline, i think it will make a great statement piece.
Also on the needles at the mo is my love cat, not sure how he is going to turn out but you will just have to wait and see.
Have to mention a great giveaway i have found, its the most lush bag i have seen for a long time, i've entered so why dont you!!!