Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Peace for me today

As the kids were back at school today so all i had at home was my 3 year old, the peace was deafening lol.

Then i turn the tv on and hear about all this bad weather we are meant to be having!!, i really hope we dont get snow as i have a 3 year old that start nursery at school on thursday and shes been chomping at the bit all christmas to wear her school uniform so if they close the schools i'll have a very upset 3 year old, plus i have to travel up to see my dad at the weekend as we did'nt get to see him over christmas, the kids want to see if father christmas has left them any pressies there lol.

Well i managed to list my statement brooch, and a purse i have been working on, the brooch is in my folksy shop http://folksy.com/items/194430-2-Hearts-as-1-brooch?shop=yes and the purse is in my MISI shop http://www.misi.co.uk/gifts/32838/Large_flower_purse.html.

now working on some chunky handwarmers with flowers, also thinking of jazzing up a headband with a huge flower just for me.

Still waiting on my first sale of 2010, wondering from which shop it will be from any guesses??, lots of loverly handknitted items there to keep you warm this cold weather!

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