Sunday, 29 March 2009

March 29th 2009

I hope you all remembered to put your clocks forward, an hour lost in bed! boo hoo! i think that it will hit me tommorrow when i get up at 6.30am, still it will take alittle getting used then the clocks will go back!.
Well the weather was kind to us today and we all went to the park for the afternoon which meant no knitting done but lots of fun to be had!.
My friend came with her 2 girls and we spent the afternoon having a natter and putting the world to rights, i think come the easter holidays we may be doing that quite abit! ( fingers crossed the weather will be good!).
I dont know where my misi tag has gone but if you click the empty box it will still take you to my store, Roxy still needs a home!.

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