Monday, 4 May 2009

New shop!

Yesterday was a bad day confidence wise! :(, a firm kick up the bum was needed!!.
So i decided that i needed to put myself out there alot more, so i have opened a esty shop , now i just need to get knitting to fill it and my other shops.
If anyone else is on esty would they please heart my shop and i'll do the same for them! as i think this ranks the listings higher ( i could be wrong! lol).
Icant seem to find my listings at the moment but that could be because its been less then 24 hours since i listed them.
So need to get some knitting done today but i woke up this morning feeling under the weather :(, loads of coughing and sweating! (nice huh!!!) and the beginnings of a cold!.
Whats the bets my partner will want to do the whole bank holiday outing today?? just when i feel like crap!!! always the way lol.
Working on my rainbow shale wrap at the moment and even if i do say so myself i'm loving it!!!, would keep it for myself only i never go to places that would be worthy of wearing it!, wearing it to tescos or to my little'uns playgroup really would'nt do it justice!.
Also finshed off another pair of slippers yesterday in bright yellow, sunshine for your feet!.
Hope you all enjoy your bank holiday off xxxxx


  1. Congratulations Sharne and snap, so have I! I'm going to log on in a minute so I'll look for you and heart you.

    I don't think hearts affect your listing position like they do on Folksy but on Etsy you can (unless people have chosen to keep them private) see others' favourites, which of course is a great way of getting your self known.

    Good luck with your new shop!

  2. Good luck with your new shop!