Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I'm soooo sorry!!

I am soo sorry for taking this long to blog!, i will make sure i keep up with everything from now on or at least i'll try lol.
I hit a bit of a black patch where depression got the better of me and i could'nt even knit!!! gasp!! "shock horror", but never fear i am back.
I've now had 3 sales on etsy! yayyyyyyyy!!!!!, i do have a promotion on there its a gift with every purchase and free shipping with 2 or more items! www.Sharnemainiaknits.etsy.com but please dont forget my folksy or misi store either!, just click the tags on the left!.
I have just ordered some business cards hopefully they will get here soon so i can spread the sharnemainiaknits word lol.
Found a great giveaway here http://www.threefive18.blogspot.com/ i'd love to win her plushies are soo darn cute!.
Well thats the good stuff out of the way, my poor car is very sick terminal my other half thinks so a new one is needed! ( can you buy cars with buttons these days??), got a 10 year olds bbq to sort out in less then 2 weeks trying to knit purses to pop in the party bags 4 down 11 to go!! i just know i'm gonna live to regret this lol.


  1. So sorry to hear you've been struggling with the "black dog", I've been there myself and know how horrible it is.

    Glad to hear you are better and congrats on the Etsy sales!!

  2. awww.. i don't blog much too i force myself to blog..too lazy..grrr