Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Why oh Why???

Do i keep waking up at stupid o'clock??? last few mornings it has been at 5am then this morning it was 3.40am!!!!!.
The bags underneath my eyes are getting bad now lol.
Well i've sold another pair of my slippers (thanks mum!), now just need to make a sale to someone that is'nt family and i'll be happy!!.
been busy with my rainbow shale wrap, making a monster and another pair of slippers!, i've got loads on the go, well i do have 3 shops to stock now. hope i have'nt bitten off more then i can chew.
Mind you having no sales means the shops look fuller lol.
Has'nt the weather today been loverly!!, i've done all my washing ( 3 loads) and sat out to do some knitting.
Not looking forward to tomorrow as middle'un has a friend coming round for tea and she is as accident prone as my middle'un!, i'm gonna have to have eyes in the back of my head lol.
Worked out if i send my slippers in tissue paper and a envelope postage works out at about 61p, wheres if i send it in a mailing sack wrapped in tissue paper it costs me £1.28, which would you say looks better? ( bearing in mind i offer free uk postage?).

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