Monday, 11 May 2009

mmmmmmm great weekend!

Morning all!, hope you all had a good weekend, i had a great one!, what alot of sunshine we had it was loverly.
Went to 3 carboot sales on sunday, i love a good rummage!!, took along loads of my business cards and slipped them into the books people was selling so hopefully people that bought them might check out my shops!.
Found a good bargin 800g of arran yarn for £1!!!!, already got ideas what to do with it!.
Middle'uns cast on her arm is going soft in places!, not sure if its meant to do this??, she is supposed to have it off in a week so i'm going to take her to the docs this morning to get it checked out and knowing my luck it will mean a trip to the hospital and loads of waiting about :(.
Keep an eye on my misi and esty stores as more items will be added over the coming couple of weeks!.

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