Tuesday, 10 March 2009

March 10th 2009

Well today has gone in a blur!.
trying to get ready for my youngests 3rd birthday tommorrow and i still have to blow up ballons and put up the banners but at least the presents are wrapped!!!.
My dad came round tonight right when i was dishing up tea! still the kids loved to see him and sue.
i have 3 cards already for my birthday on friday! and there was me thinking everyone had forgotton about me!, still my hints on the wii fit have fallen on deaf ears and looking at myself i really need it lol! ( well anyone that knows me could tell you that!).
Still its not friday yet but had a card off my mum and small present, a card off my dad and a card and small present off my nan, no wii fit there lol.
Started on a little evening bag with flowers today but have'nt got very far due to me rushing around :(.

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