Wednesday, 25 March 2009

March 25th 2009

Well feeling very sorry for myself at the moment:(, had to visit the dreaded dentist for 2 fillings!, really though i should'nt call him the dreaded dentitst because he is very nice and the fillings did'nt hurt ( i was a big brave girl, no injections!).
Just after the last dentist and the muck up he made of my teeth i am a little wary of dentists on the whole!.
Well still no sales, maybe i'm watching my items too carefully ( watched kettle and all that!), but the chocolate cake has had 30 views so far!!!.
Still have'nt started the teddy bear yet as i decided to knit a little bunny first, shame on me thinking of my stores before my neices birthday! ( well i have a few days so i can still do it, it will just mean a few late nights!), i suppose i am putting it off as my sister seems to have forgotton her youngest neice's birthday which was the 11th of march!, she remembered the one after on the 12th!, but whatever happens i am not like her and will remember, bleary eyed or not lol.


  1. oh well done on the filling! No injection.
    Any sales yet??

  2. nope no sales yet!, dont think anyone likes my work boo hoo! lol, had lots of good comments though.