Thursday, 5 March 2009

March 5th 2009

Happy birthday to my brother 22 today!!.
Had a good day today, met my friend lisa for coffee it was great to catch up and have a gossip!.
Finally finshed the Ds case, it ended up with a fringe which for some reason reminds me of my uncles tash!.
Please let me know what you think!

Ihave started on my shreddies cushion, have no idea where this is going to take me!.
ideas are just whirling around my head at the moment, hopefully it will turn out looking like a shreddie or at least somewhere close!.
8 days now til i'm 34! hopefully i will have finshed the shreddies cushion by then but then will it make me a nanna if i knit a shreddie? lol, gawd i hope not.
I'm now on twitter if you want to follow me on there, i am still finding my way but this week i have had my eyes opened to many things eg blogging and twittering lol, all thanks to the loverly people on folksy!, dont know if i have mentioned it before but i have a shop on there lol, just click the tag and it will take you stright there.

But if my items dont interest you bet ya bottom dollar you will find something on there you will like!!!, i've found loads just gotta drop mega hints for my birthday lol.


  1. A shreddies cushion - that sounds really great, very tactile! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece

    (They're my fave cereal of all time...yummy!)

  2. Just dropping by to say hello and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! J x