Monday, 2 March 2009

March 2nd 2009

Well wow my first post, does this mean i have popped my blog cherry i wonder?.
Unsure of where to start but here goes, i'll say sorry in advance if i ramble ( as i tend to do this!).

I was introduced to the world of knitting by my wonderful nan (r.i.p) who was a very clever lady, she taught me and my 2 sisters but she taught one of us to cast on, another to cast off, another to purl, this way she figured we might get along with each other.
I remember being in awe of how fast she could knit all while chatting or watching tv, plus i figured out pretty fast she used to keep some sweets in her knitting bag.
I remember my first piece, i think it was meant to be a scarf, well it was a wavey holey scarf anyway.
i used to love her sense of humour as she taught us to knit willy warmers!!

I came back to knitting in a big way when i was trying for my first child, now fast forward to my third and i was following patterns thinking if i did this or if i did that then it would be better , so me starting to make up my own designs was born!.
some are simple, some are not, but all are made to be tactile eg i design alot of cushion covers and i love them to be soft and cuddly.
My partner thinks i'm mad when i'm choosing a new yarn as i cuddle it, stroke it etc.
At the moment i am knitting a cushion cover in green and black with a checker stripe on the front, stocking stitch back with a pocket you could put the tv remote in or a crafty bar of chocolate!.
Now i have started designing my own knits i have ideas all the time, i now have to take a notebook out with me whereever i go as sometimes the smallest thing gives me an idea, now i just need to live to 100 years old to do them all!.

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  1. Firstly, I feel honoured to be your first comment.

    I loved reading about your nan and how she taught you girls to knit, it reminded me of mine!

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your cushions.

    Good luck!!