Monday, 9 March 2009

March 9th 2009

Well had quite a productive day today!,
found some loverly yarn, a mixture of pinks and knitted up another ds/mobile phone case :).
Not sure whereabouts i'm going to put it but i'm sure i'll let you know!.

Not sure if i have mentioned this before lol but i do have a store on folksy and now on misi, click either of the tags and they will take you right to them :).

A week of birthdays coming up now!, my youngest on wednesday and my middle one's on thursday! and of cause mine on friday, oh i can feel old age creeping up on me lol.
Shreddie cushion cover is coming along nicely but it is slow going hence the reason for me to do little bits in between, as i really need to stock up on my shops (hopefully have a sale soon!).
Please feel free to leave a comment on the items in my stores, would be good to have some feedback!.

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