Friday, 20 March 2009

March 20th 2009

Oh what a beautiful morninggggggggggggggggg oh what a beautiful dayy!.
Errmmm i think thats enough singing ( well you know when its enough when the dog starts to howl along with you lol.
Dont know why i'm soo happy today cos all i have done all day is food shop, pay bills and housework, no crafting boo hoo!.
Well i took the plunge and listed my alsort keyring in my folksy store ( click the tag on the left!), soon the store is gonna be filled up as no one is buying!, mind alot over there are now starting to get sales so hopefully the buying fairy will come my way soon!.
Oh gosh i could have spent a fortune today, browsing some shops and finding loads i could craft with, i have stored most of it away in my head on my to do list which is growing at a mad rate lol.
Both children back at school so only had a mad 3 year old to contend with lol, me thinks this maybe the reason i've been soo happy today lol.


  1. Oh you made me smile with this post! Hope your still as happy.

  2. surprisingly i am!, must be the weather!