Tuesday, 24 March 2009

March 24th 2009

The chocolate cake has landed!!, in my folksy store right now FREE UK POSTAGE TIL THE 14TH APRIL!.

Had a rather busy day today, managed to remember to send off my nieces birthday present and my sisters card (phew finally!).

Went with my youngest to her stay and play afternoon ( great 2 hours of screaming 3 year olds!!).

So imagine my relief when i finally get to sit down to do some knitting, when it suddenly occurs to me that the teddy bear does'nt work in chunky!, so nearly 2 days wasted :( but undettered i went out and brought some more yarn and now going to start all over!.

Still at least its taking my mind off the fact that i have to have 2 fillings tommorrow! ( and i hate the dentisit!!!!).

Still waiting for my council tax refund, i'm sure they would'nt wait this long to try and get the money off me if i owed them!, really its money we never knew we would have but i'm hoping to treat myself to the tattoo i have wanted for ages and it would be a birthday pressie to myself!.

So i took the bull by the horns and rang them up to ask them when i should be getting it, and lo and behold i could'nt speak to anyone from council tax as they had gone home! (and yet the council tax letter states they are open til 6pm!) but they would leave a note on my file for them to call me back as they cant see a refund due on my file!!.

Well it does'nt take alot of working out that i'm due one as the council tax went up this year yet the weekly rate they want is £5.50 a week less then i was paying last year, plus the letter from them stating the fact i am due one helps too!.

Lets see how long it takes to get it!, its been 2 weeks since the letter so i would'nt hold your breathe!.

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