Friday, 27 March 2009

March 27th 2009

Help, Roxy the rabbit needs a new home and someone to love her, she likes snuggling, carrots and hide and seek.

Maybe you could be that lucky person to take her on?, she is housetrained, BUT remember a rabbit is for life not just for easter!!.

Here is where you find out how to adopt Roxy......

Had a good day today, took my little'un shopping which normally is a cause for much stress but my sister brought her a little shopping trolley for her birthday so now she brings that and is quite happy pushing it around the shop, we put small things in for her and she has her handbag, looks like a right grown up i can tell you!

Still no phonecall from the council about my refund, well i did say not to hold your breath!, now if i owed them this money i'm sure i would be hearing from them days ago!.