Tuesday, 3 March 2009

March 3rd 2009

Well here goes for my 2nd posting.

Finally finshed my cushion cover with the pocket at the back for a remote control or a crafty bar of chocolate!.
Now up for sale on folksy, click on the folksy tag on the left and it will take you stright to my shop!
Its funny how some ideas can come to you right out of the blue, at the moment i am knitting a nintendo ds case which could be used for a iphone or ipod etc, and even if i have a design in mind as i am knitting i am constantly changing my mind.
One change of mind came to me last night as i went to my middle childs parents evening, as i was waiting to go in i was blowing my fringe out of my eyes and thinking i needed to go and get it cut when it came to me that the ds case would look good with a fringe!!!, so a fringe so to speak it will have!.
I'm also toying with the idea of a strap but i'll wait and see how the piece evolves.
Well i'm pleased to say the parents evening went very well apart from her lack of concenration, both her teacher and i think she could do really well if she would just stop chatting!.
When she puts her mind to it she does really well after all she taught herself to knit just by watching me, i did'nt even have to show her!. although she does still make mistakes after all its been less then a week since she picked up her own set of needles.
Her elder sister has also taken up knitting and is struggling alittle bit more but is sticking with it and i'm sure both will go on to be knitters for life!.

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