Sunday, 8 March 2009

March 8th 2009

Had a lazy sunday,
caught up with some washing, made a loverly roast pork dinner.
decided to put some of the items i have on folksy on Misi just got to hope i dont sell 2 of them! as they are kinda one off pieces but as i did'nt seem to be getting any sales i decided to try my luck in 2 places at once.
fingers crossed i get a sale soon!

Shreddie cushion cover is coming along nicely, just gotta decide how to make it stand out and be tactile, was thinking i cords or crochet something along them lines, think i will have to just give them both a try and see what i like the most!.
Cant believe its nearly my youngest 3rd birthday! time just seems to have flown by! then its my middle childs 8 the birthday the next day!, then mine the day after gosh i'm gonna feel old!.

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