Sunday, 22 March 2009

March 21st 2009

Golly gosh (never used them words before lol), another beautiful day! well if i overlook the fact that i was awake at 4am due to me sneezing alot!, still even that had its bright side as i managed to get 2 whole hours of knitting done before the 3 year old terror woke up lol..Decided (why i'll never know as its soo unlike me!) that today would be a great day for a spring clean, so while the kids where in the garden helping dad clear it, i went from top to bottom in my house (nipping out to enjoy the sun now and then!).

Finally finshed at 3pm which was lucky as 20 mins after that my sister popped round with easter eggs for the kids, thought this was quite strange as easter is quite a way off but the reason became clear about half and hour after she got here.

The kids were showing her thier knitting when she suddenly pipped up "sharne i want to knit!", bearing in mind i have'nt seen her knit since our nan taught us all them years ago!.

She asked if i had many knitting needles! ( yes just by that statement you can tell she is'nt a knitter lol), so i choose her some chunky wool and needles as i thought this might be easier for her to start with.

Away she went, she did'nt need any help really just doing garter stitch, it seemed to just flood back to her but i had to cast on for her, did try to teach her but i'm not sure i am the best teacher lol.

by the time she left here she had done 2 whole rows!.

So the sister that used to call me an old lady for knitting is now a knitter herself! my nan would be soo pleased!.

Another good thing to happen to me this morning was that my loverly necklace i won came in the post! and i'm now proudly wearing it, its even better then the photo!


  1. awww, its so nice when someone takes up your craft! lovely blog post hn. x

  2. sounds like you had a lovely day despite the early start :-)

  3. Great to see young knitters and sorry about the nasty 8 yr old neighbour! - banning is good