Tuesday, 17 March 2009

March 17th 2009

Wow these last few days have just flown by!!!.

What loverly weather we are having at the moment, its been loverly to be able to sit out in the garden and knit feeling the sun on my face, long may it continue!!.

Well what a great day i am having today, 2 new items listed one on misi and one on folksy.

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Not only that i log into my misi account to find a message that i have won a prize from

http://www.ceegeejewellery.blogspot.com/, take a look at my beautiful necklace!, i mean wow its lush and i'm soo looking forward to that coming in the post.

I would like to say to all the fellas out there please dont forget its mother's day on sunday, heres hoping my partner does'nt forget and i get a nice card off the kids.

I swear i am going senile lol, i decided to make some cake today, ones i have made loads of times before but only when i put them in to cook i realise i had put too much of one thing in and not enough of another!, result??? crumbly cakes!!! still at least the kids will still eat them lol


  1. Hello, I love your blog, and your knitted stuff is wonderful, hope the cakes get eaten up;;;Im sure they will Sarah x

  2. thankyou very much and yes they did! lol