Friday, 6 March 2009

March 6th 2009

Today has been differcult,
i have started my shreddies cushion cover 3 times so far as i was'nt happy with it!.
mind you at least i should get some peace tonight as my mum has taken my middle child for the night and she is the most loud lol.

Also realised its not long til my niece's birthday (3rd april) and i wanted to knit her a kimono and i have'nt even got the yarn yet!, i forsee alot of late nights for me!.
My partner has been diagnosed with asthma a couple of days ago and has asked me if i could knit him an inhaler cover with a belt loop!.
Has anyone made one of these before?.
I am now on twitter! for anyone who would like to see what i ramble on about all day lol.
Still waiting for my first sale on folksy, hopefully someone will make my day soon!, i am not giving up though, 2009 is gonna be the year i just know it!.
This year i'm going to try new things and make pieces i want to make (my own designs!) and so far i seem to be doing ok!.
Remember click the folksy tag on the left and it will take you stright through to my shop!.

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