Thursday, 19 March 2009

March 19th 2009

Well managed to get one child to school today, still dont think she is right but she hates to miss school well she would love to miss school if i let her out to play but she says its boring being ill so off she went!.
Went into her school at lunchtime for a mothers day meal which was nice but blimey aint them tables small lol, perched i was on them small chairs lol.
Came home to a ill 9 year old who if i did'nt know any better i would swear was male and had man flu! lol, also to a mad 3 year old racing around coughing and spluttering! bless!.
So yet another day without crafting, gonna have to fit some in before bed i think!.
Noticing that my items on folksy are having more views now :), now if i could get a sale before mothers day that would make my month!, but at least people are looking ( and hopefully not saying omg how crap is that!). Think maybe its because folksy has speeded up now, meaning its easier to look at items!.
I have a huge parcel in my hallway for one of the neighbours been sitting there all day and its now 6pm now if that was me i'd be hot footing it round to get it as i love getting parcels lol, would love to know what it is ( yeah i know i'm ultra nosey lol).

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