Monday, 23 March 2009

March 23rd 2009

Well i hope mothers day went well for everyone, and you all got pampered in someway, mine went very well although it was tinged with sadness at the thought of Jade Goody's children having lost thier mum.
Why is it though when the kids buy you a box of chocolates for mothers day they want to eat all of them! lol.
I had a loverly roast chicken dinner cooked for me and double chocolate cake for afters and no washing up for me!!! aint i lucky!.
The only downer to the day was my 8 year old getting punched and pinched by the girl over the road!, she came in really upset as this girl was meant to be one of her best friends although this girl has been banned from our garden as she has twice punched my 3 year old when she would'nt do what she wanted her to do!!!.

Managed to finsh my chocolate cake ( knitted of cause!) and soon that will be put in one of my stores, i'm going to offer free postage on it until easter but it would be good as a birthday cake as well.
Found a bunny pattern to make for my niece but then it was decided a bear would be better but the only yarn i have is chunky so trying it out in that ( was meant to be dk yarn), its turning out quite big but will be good to cuddle in bed!, in fact i might want to keep it for myself!.

FREE uk postage on all my items in my folksy store until 14th april!

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  1. I felt sad for Jade and her kids too but also for her mum who lost a child :-(