Wednesday, 4 March 2009

March 4th 2009

Not a great day, it was 'D' day, yes thats right today i had to go to the dentist!!.
I'm terrifed of the dentist although i suppose i should be grateful as its only taken me 12 months to find one for the whole family.
Lets just say the last dentist i saw my mum nicknamed the butcher!!! and she has been proven right really as i have to have the 2 fillings he gave me redone!.
Think even so thats not bad considering i have'nt been near a dentist for myself for nearly 3 years!.
Still he was very nice and friendly, the kids were fine ( and so they should be!) but my poor partner has to have 6 fillings redone ( yes he had the butcher too!).
The ds case is coming along if not abit slow, the handle is on but i'm now unsure whether i am going to do the fringe effect or just have one tassel.
I had a strange request from one of my childrens friends at school, as she had told them i knit they asked me if i could knit them a shreddie!.
Which got me thinking if it could be possible to do a huge one as a cushion cover ( bet you cant guess what i'm into at the moment!).
I'm thinking that prehaps it could be done and i might give that ago if i can find the right kind of yarn needed.
I'm sure if i can do it then i'll make 2 and put one up on folksy in my shop ( have you checked my shop out yet??, click on the folksy tag and it will take you right there!), sorry shameless plug there but i'm dying for my first sale and just might dance around the front room when it happens!.
I know also have a facebook page please feel free to take alook, would love some feedback on my pieces.

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