Thursday, 19 March 2009

March 18th 2009

Howdy all!.

I have woke up with a stinking cold and sore throat, but what a beautiful day!, bright sunshine, warm great i thought a day in the garden will do me the world of good, throw some knitting in and i will be in heaven!.

So off i went to the butchers popped in the my lys then came home sorted out some washing then sat down in the garden "ring ring " went the phone.

It was my middle'un's school she was'nt very well could i pick her up!, so went and got her, she was suffering with a headache and felt sick, so put her to bed and settled back in the garden!.

Got halfway through knitting my alsorts keyring when the phone rang again!, this time it was my eldests school, she also was'nt well can i pick her up!.

So what with all my three children ill there was no more sitting in the garden for me, nurse mummy to the rescue!.

Managed to finsh the keyring by the time i got them into bed, let me know what you think!, whether its worth listing or not.

Having a self esteem issues here or rather a lack of one lol, will feel better when i sell something!, proof someone likes my work lol. I'm sure i'm not the only one to feel like this at times!


  1. i love the keyring!! my hubby collects them and i reckon you should list it so i can buy it lol

  2. lmao its now listed in my folksy store hint hint !